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About Us

Since 2002 IMS has supported Emmaus, Chrysalis, Face2Face and 4th Day Movements communities across the US. We don’t just provide the technical capabilities to operate your community, we go beyond that and help with strategic recommendations on how to best operate your unique community within the guidelines of the Upper Room, while fully leveraging the capabilities of our online system.

Supporting Communities

We work with you over the lifetime of your community’s data management starting with helping you gather your historical data for converting it into IMS, through training and support of your teams, to ongoing support and upgrades. We look forward to assisting you throughout the years and helping to accelerate the growth of your community through successful online management of every aspect of your activities!

Functionality Rich

Functionality for running, managing, supporting and reporting on your community’s activities. Stop tracking your data via Excel or a database that sits on a single computer. Instead, enable your community to access the same data from wherever and whenever they need to, with accessible functionality based upon user role (Member, Team Selection, Registration, Board, Site Administrator).


Your data is hosted at secure data centers, continually backed up and covered for any disaster recovery. Secure access is also provided through user level security for members through login credentials.

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